Hottest Shoe Trends Of The Year

Is there anything a woman loves more than having the hottest shoes of the season? A brand new pair of trendy and fashionable shoes can transform any outfit that we are wearing from something that is rather “blah” into something fun, exciting and stylish. If you want to keep ahead of the shoe trend curve, then you have come to the right place. We will give you the run down on the best types of shoes and colors that are hot this year and that you need in order to make your wardrobe complete.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes have been in style for a while now, but this year you are really going to see a lot of new and fun styles, colors and designs that are going to make you run out and buy at least 10 pairs. You can find them with bows, fur, beading, sequins, and some are easily dyed for those who have a creative side to them. The goal is to choose ballet shoes that are made of quality materials and that will match your attire. Ballets are a good shoe to buy in a neutral tone or color as they can go with almost any outfit you would wear on any give day.


Booties are a bit of a newer trend that is still going to be extremely popular this year. Booties are a combination of both a heel and a boot that are cut off at around the ankle, and can be worn with both jeans, skirts, and some dresses (if you find the right style of dress!). Booties come in a variety of shades and colors, though the most common colors you will find them are in more neutral tones such as browns, gray tones and black. If you find a pair in hot pink that you think that you can pull off, then all power to you!


When aren’t sandal shoes “in”? You can wear sandal shoes with virtually any outfit: a dress, a skirt, jeans, and even a skort. Expect to see a lot of women with rolled up denim jeans and sporting a sandal with a heel this season.

Nude Tones

Nude is what it’s all about this year, and for a good reason. Nude colored shoes can go with anything of any color, no matter what. These shoes are a staple for any woman’s shoe collection, especially if you are a fan of wearing the newest and most stylish sexy dresses. Nude shoes offer the height and sophistication of a shoe, but they won’t take any attention away from the clothing that you are wearing.

Bright Suede Shoes

Something that most definitely isn’t “in” every year are bright suede shoes, but here they are back in full force. Bold, bright and brazen dyed suede shoes are where it’s at this year, and are a great way for any woman to make a statement about herself and her fashion sense. Wearing a pair of bright suede shoes with a pair of skinny jeans will effortlessly give you that edgy, trendy look.