How To Fix a Bad Haircut

Though it seems tragic at the time, almost all of us have been there: we go to a salon, ask for a haircut that we think will look stunning on us, but whether it’s due to our miscalculated judgment or a poor stylist, we end up with a cut that is just absolutely atrocious.

Before you become hysterical and break down into wild sobs, you CAN fix that bad haircut and turn it into a ‘do you will be proud to wear. The first thing that you have to think about is:

Why do you Hate your Haircut?

What is it about that haircut that you have that you absolutely abhor? Is your hair just too short for your liking or are the bangs uneven? Or is it that the haircut that you thought would look wonderful on you just doesn’t suit your face shape? Make sure that prior to freaking out about your new haircut, you wash your hair and you style it as you usually would. Many hair stylists have their own idea about how your hair should “look” after a cut, so it may be that they simply used the wrong product or used the wrong styling products.

When it’s Too Short

This is perhaps the most distressing since we all know that we cannot magically wish for our hair to grow an inch or two. There are the obvious (yet more expensive) options, such as having hair extensions put in or you can try to purchase a wig to wear, but the best and most cost-friendly idea is to just wait it out.

So how can you make your hair look better? For one, straight hair always looks longer than curly or wavy hair. If you naturally have curly or wavy hair, it’s time to become familiar with a flat iron and start straightening out your tresses. You an also give your hair a cute “makeover” by using hair accessories such as clips and pins to add a bit of “flair” to your brand new short hair.

When it’s Uneven

Before you grab your scissors, check with the salon to see if they do offer any sort of restyling period. Most salons offer a 48 to 72 hour “restyling” period where they will fix up your hair for free. Salons care about their reputation and want to be sure that you leave a happy customer.

If you feel embarrassed to call them back or do not trust the stylists one bit to fix up your hair, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to fix it up yourself. Make sure you don’t just grab that old pair of sheers in the kitchen; you will want to either find a pair of very sharp scissors, or professional hair cutting sheers. Begin by trimming very small amounts of hair at a time, and then observe your hair in the mirror from at least 3 different angles. If your hair needs more evening out, trim a bit more and do the same.