The Hottest Trends In Denim This Year

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what gender or what race you may be: we all love our jeans. Jeans are undoubtedly the most popular article of clothing on the planet, and for a good reason.

Jeans can be worn with almost anything, can suit almost any occasion, and once you find that right pair for your body they quickly become your very best friend. Most of us wear out our jeans until they have holes, and even then we have a hard time letting go!

If you want to be right in with the jean trend this year, here are some of the types of jeans you absolutely must get your hands on:

The Boot Cut

The boot cut is a classic, but it is absolutely essential for everyone to have a pair. The boot cut jean can be casual, and the boot cut jean can be elegant. Boot cut jeans have evolved over time from a jean that had a very excessive flair to one these days that have less of a flair and more of a slight bell bottom shape. Above the knee the boot cut jean is tight to your legs and your buttocks, giving your lower body great shape. Given that it is such a versatile jean, a dark denim boot cut jean is definitely a “must have” for your wardrobe.

Vintage Jeans

Everything vintage is making a big comeback this season. Vintage jeans, when paired up with a great pair of vintage-inspired boots, will make a big fashion statement that everyone will absolutely love.

Embellished Jeans

Any jeans that have any sort of unique embellishments are definitely “in” this season. The extra embellishments add that extra “wow” factor to any outfit that you may wear. Just be careful to follow the cleaning directions for the jeans so that none of the embellishments accidentally come off in the wash!

Ripped Jeans

Jeans that already come with rips, tears and hole are a bit hit this season among men and women. This type of jean is particularly appealing for women as it gives the public little “peek-a-boo” holes to what is beneath those funky jeans.

TIP: Experiment with a worn out pair of jeans you have at home and create your own ripped denim look! You can use scissors and an Exacto knife to create this look, though be careful and take care to not cut yourself!

Dyed Jeans

Another big trend this year are dyed jeans, or jeans that have a wash to them. Acid wash jeans are definitely in again. The acid wash gives your jeans those white highlights, which adds interest and diversity to any pair of jeans you may wear. These jeans are great in that they also look brand new, no matter how many times they have been through the wash.

Some dyed jeans are also dyed with a yellow “khaki” color to help give a new pair of jeans that old, vintage appearance. Stone washing, also known as sand washing, is also still very popular. This type of wash gives jeans a light color on the thighs and buttocks.